Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thought for the Day!

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.
If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.
He sends you flowers every spring.
He sends you a sunrise every morning & a sunset every evening.
Face it, friend - He is crazy about you!


Toknowhim said...

Thank you for the encouraging words you left on my blog. It feels good to just put my thoughts out there at times.

Some exciting news for you for 2009.. (I see you like Beth Moore studies)... She will be in Springfield, IL in November of 2009 (that is over a year away, but still worth the wait)... I see that you don't live to far from Springfield...


Shonda said...

Hi Jaycee!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be praying & for all the ones that need to come home. I believe that's why I share what I share about God's mercy--He give us grace to come home, but so many are scared. The devil is a liar!! The evil one wanted me and so many others to believe we're too bad to go back, but those are outright lies! Our Father wants us to return and that is what I will testify! His Grace!! Amazing Grace to come home!
He is crazy about us!!

Engrafted by His Grace--

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I will see you for some Nog-ness tomorrow night at my house!!!

Rachel said...

Hey! I'm going to be in St. Louis next weekend with my mom and my two little boys! Do you think we could meet up somewhere?