Friday, April 29, 2011

Praying for the South!

We are praying for all those affected by the tornados in the south. Our hearts go out to them, since we just experienced a tornado ourselves in St. Louis. However, the destruction I've seen from the pix in Alabama are much worse than we had here in St. Louis. We are praying and thinking of all our friends in the south. We are also remembering the loved ones of all those who lost their lives. May God send forth his comfort & peace and wrap His loving presence around those who are grieving.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Clone.....

She loves coffee and chocolate (yes, even at 15 months, she is already like her Nana!). Honestly, I don't know how it happened. One day I was drinking coffee and she was "begging" for some. Well, I waited until it cooled down and then let her sip it (thinking she wouldn't like it). Well, she loves it. And, on top of that, she "cries" for chocolate all the time. Believe me, I know what the "cry" for chocolate sounds like! :) I try not to give her too much but I figure a little chocolate never hurt anyone! :):):)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday Tornado

On the evening of Good Friday, a tornado ripped through St. Louis making debris of many neighborhoods including some in the Maryland Heights area. Our house was not affected but many others were.

Thankfully, no one was killed and there weren't any serious injuries! Our church has been feeding people in the neighborhood and will continue to do so for the next couple of days.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have help to make hundreds of sandwiches and deliver them to the people who were hit the hardest in this storm. It's great to live in a community where everyone is willing to chip in and lend a helping hand!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!


May God bless each of you with an abundance of joy and peace this Easter season!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is Here!

I love spring. With it comes the feeling of hope renewed. When the grass starts to turn green again, the birds start to chirp and the flowers start to bloom, there's something that stirs hope in the human soul. That reminds me of Emily Dickinson's poem: "Hope". "Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all. And sweetest in the gale is heard And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many warm. I've heard it in the chillest land And on the strangest sea Yet, never in extremity, It asked a crumb of me." What is your favorite part about spring?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Year's Revolution Update

I can't believe it's already April 9! Where has time gone - it's flown by!! Anyway, here is an update of my New Year's Revolution! - 1) I'm on track to read the Bible through this year. Right now I'm in the book of II Kings. 2) I recently went on a "mini" mission trip. It was so cool. It was to an organiztion called: "Love Packages," in Butler, Illinois. They take used literature and ship it overseas. Last year they shipped tons of Bibles and other Christian literature to countries who otherwise couldn't afford it. I helped to separate and pack the materials into boxes. It was fun and rewarding and exciting to hear the stories of testimonies from people in other countries who had received some of the previously shipped literature. 3) I've been sharing myself more freely with others. I'm on a mission to be more vulnerable and truthful with other people. It gives me and them permission to let our guards down. It helps us all! 4) Along with being more vulnerable, I've been attempting to be more generous. I have been trying to give more things and money away, which just comes back in multitude of blessings. 5) I'm trying to pray for each country, one nation at a time. Lately I've been focusing on Japan. They really need our prayers. My heart goes out to the people of that country. We have some friends who have been e-mailing us. Some of the stress they are undergoing is so heartbreaking. But, they are hanging in there. They are very kind people. I'm learning to open my heart and life to others. Well, as much as I would like to keep writing on here (I've got some more things to say but that will have to wait for another post.) I'm struggling with getting everything done (like my taxes! ugh!) so I better get off here and get busy!! Goodbye for now!!!