Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grateful Journal

My oldest daughter gave me a journal and pen for Christmas. Since then, I've been trying to jot down several things I'm thankful for every day (okay, maybe not every day). I'm calling it my "Gratefulness Journal." Try it some time. Try to come up with 2 or 3 things every day that you are thankful for and express your appreciation to the Lord. Here's a few from my list over the past 6 or 7 months. They aren't in any particular order.

liquid advil (it goes to work faster!)
sunshine on a cloudy day (hey, that would make a great song :)
technology (without it I wouldn't be blogging right now)
good health
sunrises in the morning
sunsets in the evening
date nights with hubby
Wendy's chili
Taco Bell
hair dye
eye-brow waxing (it beats plucking!)
medical advances
beautiful weather
church family
worship services
chocolate (the darker the better!)
falling leaves
cool, crisp weather
direct access to God
the atoning work of Christ
the filling of the Holy Spirit
a good education
God's word
eternal life
praise music
Beth Moore bible studies
God's creativity
gardens (especially other people's)
pets (especially other people's!)
memories of my sister, Pam
a terrific grandson
3 wonderful daughters
one handsome man
Godly parents & in-laws
extended family
eternity in heaven
abundant life with Jesus
eternal reunions
the presence of the Holy Spirit
revelations from God
someday seeing Jesus face to face
The Tabernacle
The Mercy Seat
The Blood of Jesus
Krispy Kreme Donuts
did I mention chocolate?

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