Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It was an incredible time!

Here I am showing everyone how my shoes match my shirt.....didn't know I could bend my leg that far! (I guess all that stretching is paying off! :)
Here we are (with our matching "Women's Ministry" shirts) right before we headed out to Springfield, Illinois on Friday afternoon, Nov. 6, 2009!

Our "Siesta Mama" as she was giving us THE WORD!
Travis - trying a few dance moves? :) He sure can belt out a song...what great pipes!

Here I am with Karla.

Here I am with another sweet sister in Christ, Joyce. (Thanks, Joyce, for the pix.) You can see how full the Convention Center is. It was sold out!! We were on the very top tier. This venue hadn't sold out since an Elton John concert back in the late 90's. (I think we probably had a few more people than Elton John because there were seats all the way up to the stage. It was so crowded. Praise God!
The group pic again. What a blessing each and every woman is to the body of Christ! We had such a great time with God, with each other, and in the Word! Thank you, Jesus, for giving Beth Moore the gifts to know how to dig such deep treasures out of Your word. We learned so much more than I even thought was possible.....had a great date with God! The music/worship was fantastic - as usual! Travis and the worship team are amazing. We got our praise on - that's for sure! We also learned all about John the Baptizer and how he prepared the way for the Lord. I'm preparing my heart for a fresh word from the Lord during this holiday season and in the new year. Are you anticipating a fresh word from the Lord this Advent season? If so, what are you doing to prepare yourself? What word are you hoping to hear?


Stephen said...

I think on that first pic it is really someone else's leg!!!! LOL!
Sounds like a great weekend. Next time I will have to get a wig and join you!!! It really doesn't get any better than being with God's people - learning about Him and praising Him! He is big!!

JayCee said...

Just because you can't get your leg up that high, doesn't mean some of the rest of us can't!!!!

Leslie Lauren said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! So excited you had an amazing time!! I'd love to hear more about what was taught!

Hiker Mama said...

I'm Jealous!!!!!! Although I think we were in Tahiti that day!
If not for the cruise, I would have been there!