Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's beginning to look at lot like.....


Gotta love it - autumn is here!! Here are my top 10 reasons why I like this season. Please list your reasons in the comments section.
1. Caramel Apples
2. Cooler weather
3. Football
4. Colorful leaves
5. Everything Pumpkin - including Pumpkin muffins~
6. Pink Ribbon Bagels from Bread Co.
7. Hot Apple Cider
8. Fires in the fireplace
9. S'mores
10. Candy Corn

And my most favorite holiday of all -THANKSGIVING!!

Ok, so now's your opportunity. Tell me what you like about fall - GO!


Kate said...

I get so excited this time of year. Here's why:

1. The changing leaves make me stand in awe of God's artistic ability to paint such an amazing landscape.
2. Cheerful pumkins and mums give the chance for the color Orange to shine!
3. Apple crisp - yummy
4. Crisp air provides the perfect opportunity to snuggle under a quilt and read. :) ahhhh
5. I can decorate with multiple bright colors that remind me of quilts!
6. I can wear my favorite jeans with comfy sweaters.
7. Life slows down a bit from the hectic summer schedule
8. The smell of wood stoves and fireplaces
9. The sound of crunching leaves always makes me smile
10. Fall is my quilting season which is my happy place!

Welcome Fall!!!

JayCee said...

Great job, Kate - I forgot about apple crisp - love it!!

Leslie Lauren said...

Yay Janet! I love Fall!!! And I love...

1. The fun projects my son brings home from school (we use them as decorations for the following year!)
2. Chilly weather - yay!
3. Halloween...I know this can be controversial, but we love dressing up fun and decorating!
4. Thanksgiving - Several years ago my uncle found that we are direct descendants of William Bradford, the first Governor of Plymouth Rock!!! We LOOOVE Thanksgiving!! :)
5. Hashbrown Casserole, Corn Casserole and Green Bean Casserole. Seriously.
6. I love Caramel Apples and Apple Crisp, but something else I love is Tootsie's Caramel Apple Suckers!
7. Leaf piles to jump in (although we Floridians tend to have to wait several more months before we can really do this lol)
8. Pumpkin Patches!
9. Fall Family Festivals with Hay Rides and Chili Cook-Offs
10. Knowing that Christmas-time is just around the corner :) :) :)

Fun post!! I hope you are doing WONDERFULLY!!! :) :) :)

Hiker Mama said...

Janel asked the same question last year.....I answered: It is easier to conceal your firearm in the fall with all the thick clothing to cover it up. I also love to take long walks in the woods. I can wear my boots now if I want and not look like a weirdo......
Love the fall!

Stephen said...

I love fall as well. I agree with the reasons you listed and here are a few more!
1.I love the cooler weather and changing colors as well.
2.Not so many bugs, so one can be outside without getting bit or sweaty!
3.It is better sleeping weather.
4.Better suggling weather! :)
5.Mowing slows down.
6.You can drive with the windows down and the heater on.
7.I like wearing hoodies!
8.God is good - His creation is wonderful.

Leslie Lauren said...

Can I say a big "AMEN" to Stephen about bugs?!!!!! Here in Florida we have all kinds and I cannot believe that I forgot to post that in my "Fall List!!!!" Shame on me but big props to Steve! haha :)