Friday, August 21, 2009

Minds in love think alike!

Today, I was running an errand and when I was at the gas station I spotted a treat that I knew my hubbie would love. (I like them, too ;) So, I bought them and brought them home. I was so proud of myself for thinking of him (and for not eating them before I got home! :)

Well, after I got home I said: "Honey, I have a surprise for you." He said: "I have one for you, too!" He had bought me something and he was hiding it in the bedroom. So, he went back to the bedroom and came out with this:
Can you believe it? Do great minds think alike or what? We both got a laugh. I guess that's what you get after being married for 29 years. Who would have thought.....all this just because two young college kids fell in love!! ♥


Leslie Lauren said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!!! It fills my heart :)

JayCee said...

Thanks, Leslie. I think so, too!

Kate said...

LOVE THIS!! I've been married 29 years too.....and let me tell you LIFE IS SWEET!!! :) (especially now that all the kiddos (4 of them!) are all married and on their own life path). God is good!!!

JayCee said...

Thanks, your kiddo's (at least the one I know - Adam!)