Friday, August 29, 2008

Who would have guessed????

After struggling for about 13 years with a daily cough, I finally took a good friend's advice (thanks, hiker-mama) and went to a pulmonary specialist. Turns out, I may have asthma! All these years I've been struggling and I could have been doing something about it! Can you believe it?

I go today to have tests done to see what is bringing on the asthma attacks which I always called "coughing attacks" but I guess it has more to do with the bronchial tubes than the throat itself.

Live and learn.....I always thought this was what I called a "familial" cough because my sister coughs and my mother coughs. Good news - mom and sis - we may have found the culprit. I'll let you know!

I'll be back in a few days to keep you informed....I'm sure everyone is on pins & needles to find out - ha!


Hiker Mama said...

I am on pin and are you sleeping these days? You seemed very relaxed and sounded like an angel leading worship today. What is your secret?

JayCee said...

You're toooooooo kind!