Monday, July 20, 2009

A "good" tired....

....VBS is finished and I'm exhausted - but it's a good tired!!!

This past week was very exhausting and very rewarding all at the same time. Seven children made decisions for Christ (woohoo!) and we had the best attended and largest family night ever. (Who knew it was going to be a "cold" night in July when we rented out the Water Park!! :/

I love it when people have fun and learn about God all at the same time. We had a blast at VBS on the Boomerang Express. There were sooooooo many people who helped. Vacation Bible School is not a success without all the terrific volunteers who help with everything from decorating to making snacks, and all the teaching in between.

We have such a variety of talent at church and in our community. It's wonderful how God places people in the body of Christ who fit together so well with all the different talents! As one man put it - "we have everything from scoops to nuts" (I'm definitely one of the nuts! :)

Thanks to everyone who helped the last few weeks.....I really appreciate it! May the Lord richly bless you spiritually for all that you did.



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