Monday, April 6, 2009

"There to my heart was the blood APPLIED...glory to His name!"

Yesterday, at church, the services centered on the cross. Every time I think about the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross, I am overwhelmed with all that He did for us.

In the early service, we sang the hymn: "Down At The Cross." It hit me yesterday, like never before, how Jesus' shed blood has affected my life. I've sung countless songs about the blood of Jesus, but, for some reason, it hit me yesterday that he actually APPLIED His blood to me....not only SHED His blood, but APPLIED it. WOW - that's an awesome thought.

When you think about Passover and how the Lord told His people that if they would apply some blood of a lamb on their door posts the death angel would pass over their house, it makes sense that blood needs to be applied. I mean, not only does the shedding of blood have to take place in order for the forgiveness of sin, but the APPLICATION of blood needs to take place, as well. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You for going all the way to the cross, shedding Your blood and then applying it to my account once I trusted You as Savior and Lord.

Glory, Hallelujah, I don't know about you, but that gives me "Holy Ghost Bumps!"

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Lorrie said...

What a great post. I never thought about "applied" really either. I was raised in the church and have heard that song millions of time. I'll be thinking about it differently next time. Blessings.