Saturday, December 13, 2008


According to I Peter 2:9 and several other verses, we who belong to Christ are royalty! I've been working through the "Esther" Bible study work book by Beth Moore and I've been enchanted with the discoveries I'm making. Check out this serendipitous epiphany from Beth's work book, page 97:

"Beloved, absorb this with your whole heart. You are royalty. Not figurative royalty. Not just spiritual royalty. You are in the most literal sense possible the daughter of the universe's King. You have royal blood in a way that even Esther did not. The crimson blood line of Christ flows through your veins."

If that doesn't make your tiara sparkle, I don't know what would. I've been trying to carry myself a little more "regally" ever since absorbing this thought. We receive a royal heritage when we trust Christ as our Savior. Let's live accordingly!!

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Hiker Mama said...

I like that....actually I love that! I need to dig deeper into the Bible Study. Now I am motivated. Thanks for the post.