Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Letter to Father Time

Why are you moving so fast? 2012? Are you kidding me? It seems like just yesterday I was rocking babies and kissing boo boo's. And now my "babies" are 26, 24 and 17? And I'm a grandmother?? When did that happen??
Please slow down!! There are a few things I still have left to do:
There's a song in my heart I have yet to sing.
There's an especially kind word I have yet to utter.
There's a warm embrace I have yet to deliver.
There's a laugh in my belly that has yet to escape.
There's a dream in my life that has yet to become a reality.
A woman who doesn't want to take you for granted!


janel. said...

:) And your babies and grand babies are so lucky to have you!!! ox janel

Amanda said...


Tiffany said...

I am with you! This year went by extremely fast~ I was in fast forward nearly the entire time!
I hope you have an amazing 2012!