Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where did it go?

The time flew by.....my trip to Utah went so fast! I'm awake at 3:00 a.m. just thinking about the great time I had. I had the privelege of meeting some new friends, renewing some old friendships and going on some adventures! I got to meet fellow blogger and new found friend, Tiff, in Salt Lake City....that was fun! Thanks, Tiffany, for spending some time with me - having lunch, talking and getting to see you - SWWEEEET! (Thanks, Tiff, for taking this picture...can't believe your phone can take that good of a pic.) (P.S...I'm praying your hand heals quickly~!)

I also got to go on a spiritual retreat - just me and God - at the Beth Moore conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend. Wow - what a powerful experience. I am grateful to Jesus for spending time with me and helping me to grow spiritually!

I got to meet up with some old friends who have moved to Utah. What a blessing to see Willie and Shannon and the girls again. Thanks to the Hoffmann family for sharing some time and great fellowship with me. Keep up the good work you are doing. I am praying for you!

I had never been to Utah. It was wonderful. The mountains are beautiful. I came back feeling so refreshed and ready to head into fall.

Can't believe the summer flew by so fast. Where did the time go?

What about you? What fun things have you done this summer?


Tiffany said...

It was so great to meet you Janet!! You are just as amazing and kind in person as you have been in your emails and posts!!
Thank you for making time to meet me while you were here!
Lots of love!!

JayCee said...

Thanks, Tiff! (Hope your hand is doing a lot better by now!)

Tiffany said...

Janet, thank you for your wonderful comment! You are the sweetest! You will have to send me the blog of your friend. I hope it helps her heal like it has helped me! :)