Friday, February 4, 2011

Who's Going to Win?

So, who do you pick to win the Superbowl? My favorite teams are already out of it - St. Louis Rams, and Minnesota Vikings. But, if I have to pick a team to win, I guess I will pick "The Pack."

Our family loves football. My husband played football in college and we like to follow the sport. The family (his parents, and a few of our extended family) get together to watch football on Sunday afternoons at Mark's parent's house. It's fun to cheer on our favorite team, kid one another about their favorite team, and to pig-out on rotelle dip and chips, pizza, and all our favorite "snack" foods!

Are you going to a Superbowl Party? How do you usually celebrate?


janel. said...

I don't know who I want to win!! All I want is the good Superbowl food :) xo

JayCee said...

Me, too!