Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Match Made in Heaven....

I was looking through the book shelves the other day and ran across this 1966 Primer entitled: Janet and Mark. My mother-in-law purchased a copy of this for us at an auction many years ago. I absolutely love it. It looks just like Mark and I posed for this book. When this book was written, he would have been 7 and I would have been 6. He was toe-headed when he was young, just like the boy, "Mark," in this book. I had short, brown hair, just like the girl. It's like we were the models for this book! The first page starts out something like this: "Come. Come here, Mark." That's kind of how it went down for us. I spotted him in the cafeteria in college and said: "Come, Mark, Come!" lol

Here we are......over 30 years later, and still together. I guess you can say we were just meant for each other!! :) Now all we need is a dog named "Socks."

Wonder what ever happened to Dick and Jane and Spot? Which primer did you start with when you first went to school?

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