Saturday, April 17, 2010

Please pray for Megan...

You may have seen Megan Moss on the news here in St. Louis lately. She is at the top of the heart donor list in our area. She is only 23 years old but the doctors say she will not be able to stay alive without a new heart. In 2002, when she was a student at the school where my youngest daughter attends, she got a virus that attacked her heart. It has been weakening ever since. This past November she found out that she is in Congestive Heart Failure. She's getting weaker by the day. My daughter's school, North County Christian, has asked everyone to pray for Megan. So I'm asking you to please pray for her and her family. The doctors are giving her until Monday to receive a heart donation otherwise they will have to attempt to use a mechanical heart and that will drop her from the top of the heart donor list. A mechanical heart typically only lasts a couple of years. Right now she is very weak and the prayer is for more strength so that she can undergo some kind of procedure to try and save her life. Please pray for the Lord's will to be done. Thank you.

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