Monday, March 1, 2010

March First

It's hard to believe March is here but I'm so glad it is because that means spring is just around the corner! I ♥ spring. Everything is fresh and new. The weather starts getting warmer, the birds start returning and chirping/singing. Things start getting green. The only problem with spring is that the grass starts needing to be mowed again. I love green grass but I don't like mowing it! Anyone else feel that way or is it just me? Maybe this year I will use it as a time to reflect/pray and meditate on scripture while I'm mowing....that way it won't seem like wasted time. Fall and spring are my two favorite seasons.....anyone else?

P.S....Another great thing about this month is MARCH MADNESS!! We love it - our family is basketball crazy! We compete against each other with our favorite teams. We have so much fun - even when the competition gets a little heated! :)


Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) It means so much to me! I put you in my drawing!
Thanks again!!

Tiffany said...

:) Thanks for stopping by my photography blog too! And for your kind words~ I am very sorry to hear about your sister :( It gives me hope to know that time will help in the healing process!